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New Match+: In a very perception, just after identifying his reward for defeating the demon overlord in his to start with playthrough was a grimdark Cruel Twist Ending, Kaito is offered a second prospect by time journey (restart the sport), but chooses the Evil route within an attempt to invert the ending trope.

Clingy Jealous Woman: It really is implied that she bought out Millanis to get their shared childhood friend for herself. Millanis at least thinks Here is the cause why.

The companions that he’d trustworthy in the course of his journey betrayed him and killed him by sticking a blade by his upper body.

Gilded Cage: She was locked, by alternative, inside of a home, under no circumstances allowed to depart for three strong years, and presented the lap of luxurious, so her magic power could be taken by Yumis, in exchange for having her more youthful sister cured of the fatal ailment. Yumis experienced her residence village wiped out, and applied the corpses for experiments into creating undead.

Framing the Guilty Party: Yumis carried out human experimentation in the course of her magic Instrument development. Kaito takes advantage of a summoning spell to convey her victims into her lab and would make her servants disappear, rendering it appear like she employed even them in her experiments.

From the midst of my consciousness fading I listened to that voice. But, I can't go my body additional, I'm able to’t do nearly anything.

Subverted. Initially look, it seems like Princess Alesia has fond memories of her deceased elder sister, and respects her mothers and fathers, the however to be named King and Queen. Actually, she only seemed on her elder sister with envy for The reality that she experienced a a lot better capability to be the oracle for "The nice Spirit" and sees her mother and father only as useful puppets for her individual company and rise to electric power.

Inventory Light-Novel Hero: Deconstructed. Possibly the darkest deconstruction up to now. Summoned from his will, home and loved ones murdered with the summoning without his expertise or consent, he used 3 yrs battling to save lots of The brand new entire world through the Demon Lord, only to obtain his "companions" activate him when he succeeds, spent One more year hunted down by your complete kingdom, and stabbed to Dying by explained "companions" as they're happily patting them selves to the back again rejoicing at "the Dying of evil", pinning their sickest crimes on his corpse, and whining about how extended it took them to destroy him.

Enemy Mine: Much as she would like to destroy the elven delegation to her kingdom, who she promises are immediately to blame for the Demise of her elder sister, plus the 50 %-elf ambassador that is released greeting her in Lunaris's oracle chamber, she grudgingly performs With all the "monsters in human skin" simply because she considers Kaito's Loss of life the next precedence. Mentioned ambassador is mindful of this and here likes to rub her deal with in it.

He isn't really sure irrespective of whether Leticia would agree with him killing her sister to get revenge for betraying them, but whether or not that did

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Just In between You and Me: In the original timeline, she makes use of a disposable pawn to entice a battered, crushed, and horribly fatigued Kaito into a Kaizo Lure, at which position she made use of an illusion spell to speak to him and gloat regarding how he was her Unwitting Pawn from The instant she summoned him, and how impossible It will be for him to go back to Earth, just for her owns sadistic pleasure.

Маг-целитель: новый старт ~ Высшее исцеление: чары моментальной смерти и кража умений

At any Price tag, the Princess Alesia confirmed no weak spot of soreness, and endured the raging suffering without issuing a voice.

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